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International Innovative Technologies Ltd.

New mineral sizing installation improves quality control at Omex

Monday, 13 February 2012


GATESHEAD (GB) – Advanced technology powder classification equipment is helping a leading UK supplier of chemical products to improve its quality control and materials handling procedures.

Omex Environmental Ltd has recently installed new bulk powder sizing and separation equipment developed by International Innovative Technologies Ltd. (IIT) to air classify supplies of caustic calcined magnesia used in the manufacture of magnesium hydroxide suspensions for a range of wastewater treatment applications.

The new plant has been installed at the Omex plant at Bardney in Lincolnshire and comprises a new IIT c-series dynamic air classifier in combination with an s-series cyclone as a modular system for the highly accurate separation of distinct grades of magnesia for different applications.

Delivered to Omex from the port of Goole, the caustic calcined magnesia is drawn into the air classifier by a re-circulating air system powered by the system fan. Material entering the classifier passes through a 'static velocity-drop' pre-classification stage to separate out the heavier particles and then into the classifier wheel via outer static vanes to assist particle dispersion.

The versatile IIT classifier is designed to maximise separation efficiency without compromising system energy requirements. The classifier body and wheel are aerodynamically formed to reduce system pressure drop, keeping the power demands of the system fan at an optimum level. Additionally the classifier has no secondary airflow requirement, which can increase power consumption in other designs.

Particle size cut-point changes are easily controlled by a smooth, stepless adjustment of the classifier wheel speed ' even during operation; the higher the wheel speed, the finer the product separated out.

As a result, the advanced design of the new range of classifiers ensures energy efficient operation and the controlled delivery of a consistent particle size under steady state operating conditions.

In the Omex application, adjustment of the rotational speed of the classifier wheel and the airflow through it, combine to closely control cut-point specifications for the separation of the caustic calcined magnesia feed, into fine and coarse product streams.

The fine magnesia powder is extracted from the classifier on a fan-induced air stream and transferred to the s-series cyclone where it is separated from the air stream for bagging. It is then used at the Bardney plant in the manufacture of Magmex magnesium hydroxide suspensions used for treating acidic wastewaters and controlling pH levels in both anaerobic and aerobic waste treatment systems.

The separated coarse particles, meanwhile, migrate down to the coarse stream discharge at the base of the classifier and are also bagged for onward supply for use in other agricultural products.

According to the company's Development Manager, Gerry Spoors, the new IIT classification plant is playing an important role in Omex's manufacturing operations.

He said: 'The new mineral sizing installation is helping us to maximise the use of supplied raw material and ensure the controlled delivery of specific particle grades for different chemical product applications.

The new system has been incorporated seamlessly into our existing bulk materials handling and processing systems and its low energy use is making an important contribution to our overall operating efficiencies.

IIT is an engineering and new-technology development company specialising in the design, precision engineering and manufacture of a range of high output mills, classifiers and cyclones from a state-of-the-art factory in Gateshead, North East England.

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